House Keeping Operation

This department deals with the cleanliness of properties and all supporting ancillary services. Hygiene standards play an important role in the reputation of hotels. A clean and orderly environment is what makes guests feel most comfortable, thereby asserting its importance for both health and well-being.
The housekeeping department is considered to be the nerve center of any hotel and naturally adopts that role even at the institutional level. Accommodation is a crucial aspect of any hotel and generates the most revenue. The housekeeping department is tasked with taking care of all rooms which often makes it the largest department.

Rooms are offered to travelers and guests as individual bedroom units in hotels. The main aim of the hotel is to make the environment as comfortable as possible and offer specialised services to achieve that. The housekeeping department plays an important role in determining whether guests are happy during their stay and return to the hotel in the future.

The complex management of laundering guests’ belongings, uniforms of all staff members and piles of linen combined with organising guest room supplies are all an integral part of the syllabus. Students are trained in the science and aesthetics of Horticultural Development and flower arrangement in order for them to develop the ability to set up a scenic environment. Interior decoration with both ancient and modern concepts are taught, where students develop their skills through classroom training and field visits.

The institute boasts an intricately designed master suite, a twin room, a single room and an ultramodern conference room. A laundry is also at students’ disposal, equipped with industry standard machinery. These facilities are capitalised on to impart knowledge and skill to become an effective housekeeper at any modern hotel.