Food & Beverage Service

A survey conducted amongst restaurant and bar goers posed the following question- ‘Would you like your barman to use an automatic peg-measure and pour the exact quantity to give you the right value for money? Or would you like him to measure and pour manually, and probably give you less than what you have paid for?’

Surprisingly, 98% of the sample opted for a manual pour! This goes to show that consumers don’t only look for the right quantity and quality of food, but also visit bars and restaurants for the service aspect of the hospitality experience.

The Food & Beverage Service department trains students in the techniques and art of serving and selling food and beverages.

Waiting skills, supervisory skills and managerial skills are taught in the first, second and third years respectively. Menu and the maxims of menu-planning, wine pairing, tools and equipment usage, restaurant layouts, tabletop arrangement for foods from various cuisines, and buffets and banquet service are some of the skills which students will master by the end of their degrees owing to knowledge gained in both theory and practical classes.

Origins and manufacturing of various types of alcoholic beverages (beers, wines, spirits, liqueurs, cocktails, etc.) constitute a large part of the syllabus. Students are also imparted with the skills to serve the drinks and make cocktails.

This department also deals with intricate techniques related to food & beverage control and management through which students develop the capacity to successfully and profitably manage and operate a food outlet.
Cost control, budgetary implications, inventory management, purchase systems, etc. are integral components of the syllabus.
The department also manages a bar-cum-restaurant spanning over 2000 sq. ft. which is fully resourced with a large inventory of various tools and equipment.