Food Production

We eat with our eyes, nose, mouth (tongue) and stomach- so is widely believed in the Food Production & Patisserie industry. A chef has to not only appeal to the tastebuds of their patrons, but also keep in mind the eye-appeal and gastronomic values of each item. This department specialises in the preparation, production and presentation of foods from all over the world. Teaching comprises detailed discussions on the ingredients used to curate multicultural dishes, their nutritional values and effects of various cooking methods on each ingredient.

Students are given ample opportunity to apply their gained theoretical knowledge to practical sessions, where they acquire skills to prepare and showcase a plethora of Indian and International cuisines. The layouts of kitchens and their adjoining divisions, ranges of tools and equipment, costing and budgeting of food and overheads, etc, are also taught through real life case study handling. Creativity is at the forefront of this department’s working, something we take immense pride in.

Students who are aspiring chefs are encouraged to exhibit their skills in ice-carving, butter sculpting, sugar crafting, designer bread-making, etc. during occasions such as food festivals and functions that are held annually. The institute has five large kitchens that are provisioned with industry standard equipment. Students are welcome to use our ultramodern bakery and self-reliant confectionery to hone their skills in the science and art of Patisserie.