1. Staff Training

(1) Staff Members have been sent for industrial training periodically arranged by the Institute in 5-star hotels to update and to be abreast with the changes in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry thus bringing professionalism, modern technology and academics at par with operations.

(2) Faculty developed programmes are conducted in the institute.

(3) Faculty are encouraged to participate in development programmes in other institutes as well.

(4) Staff exchange programme -: Faculties are sent to other IHMs to learn their culture and values

2. Infrastructure

The Institute’s several academic departments are staffed by highly qualified faculty and outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that all students receive the highest-quality education

(1) Beverage Room

(2) 8 Training Kitchen For 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year , Diploma and Craft Students

(3) Housekeeping  Lab I , II & III

(4) Front Office Smart Lab

(5) Auditorium Capacity of 350- 400 Students at a Time

(6) Audio Visual Hall With Capacity of 120 Students at a Time

(7) Students Dinning Hall With the Capacity of 400 Students at a Time

(8) Separate Students and Staff Lockers for Boys and Girls

(9) Smart AC Classrooms for Master Students

(10) Basketball Court

(11) Vehicle Parking With a Capacity of More Then 100 Cars and 200 Bikes at a Time.

3. Hostels

Students are able to experience a feeling of community and a sense of belonging in our hostels since they are warm and inviting, spacious and properly ventilated, and comfortable. Our students enjoy the highest level of care and acknowledge the sense of safety afforded to them by the round-the-clock availability of power supplies and security personnel. Community life may be experienced to its fullest extent in our hostels, which are cared for and supported in every way possible.

(1) Two Boys Hostel With Capacity of More Then 100 Rooms

(2) Separate Girls Hostel

(3) All the rooms are well furnished

4. Medical Assistance

The Institute has a doctor on campus who is available three days each week to attend to the students’ various medical requirements. The doctor will be accessible for consultations on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.