Nowadays everyone is planning to invest in the share market and wants to gain knowledge before investing in the share market. Educational channel primarily makes videos on the Indian stock market and investments in shares. Owing to the unpredictability in the markets, they try to stay on top of them – enabling better financial decisions for their followers. Each one of these has a unique approach to investing and provides different advice on the subject. While some are geared more towards active investors who want to trade stocks on a daily basis, others will give advice on ways to invest in the long run and gain a passive income. Some are even educational in the purest form of the word, providing detailed lectures on financial and economic topics.

best youtube stock channels

The appeal of search-based traffic is that your users are actively searching for answers to their questions. This is a contrast to some feed-based platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. If you choose to adopt this strategy, focus more on being informative than entertaining and you’ll go far. Each video view only adds a fraction of a cent, but if your video goes viral or has staying power, the views—and dollars—will begin to add up. In addition to YouTube advertising revenue, channel memberships are a way to create recurring revenue on the platform. “Then a hair client mentioned to me that payouts from YouTube were how she and her husband paid their bills every month.

Trading Chanakya

With the advent of YouTube, those who are seeking educational videos have more choice than ever. And forex traders, both beginners and experienced, have within their grasp a whole world of content to learn from, and it includes forex trading Youtube channels. As it turns out, there are plenty of incredible personal finance YouTube channels that cover a variety of financial topics, from real estate investing to passive income streams to early retirement. Simple investing videos about the stock market, mutual funds, taxes, and other investment possibilities in India are posted on this channel in both Hindi and English. On their YouTube account, they have posted more than 1000 videos and have more than 600k followers. On their website, Invest Yadnya also provides additional services, such as financial planning.

Cramer helps you learn about the market in order to make informed decisions rather than telling individuals what exactly they should do. The segment can be used as educational tools as wells as Cramer’s opinions on stocks and current trends. Available on the CNBC YouTube channel, the Mad Money segments on weekly game plans, advice on picking stocks, and discussions about the latest news that may affect investors. If you have any queries related to the best 11 youtube channels to learn Indian stock market then you comment below, we will reply within a very short time. If you find this article helpful then please share this with your friends. We are not comparing all stock market paid courses with this youtube channel.

On it, you will find weekly videos with tips on how to get started in the real estate business and advice on the market. They also have a great podcast where they talk to investors, brokers, businesspeople, and other industry professionals. If you’re an experienced trader with a background in technical analysis, then Steve Miller’s YouTube channel provides information packed videos analyzing tushar chande books the market. Miller has 45 years experience trading stocks, options and futures on the trading floors in Chicago. By going through his first videos, you’ll get a general idea of the basics of how to approach the stock market in 2022. He advocates more long-term investments and because he’s located in the United States, most of the information about stocks is about U.S. stocks.

Where can I watch the stock market news?

  • Moneycontrol /
  • Markets.

With the restraints that apply to finance brands, it’s rather tough to create marketing campaigns to promote the offerings. ‘Invest In Present For Better Tomorrow.’ They also make the content audience-friendly, with Hindi as their primary language in their videos. Watching the YouTube videos on the channel also gives you access to a 20% discount to Benzinga Pro, where you can get the latest relevant market information. Ishfaaq Peerally has a great Youtube channel where he discusses key concepts about investing as well as his stock picks. Cameron Stewart is one of my favorite channels about stocks valuations.

The 10 Best Investing YouTube Channels You Must Follow

This channel is dedicated to bitcoin and altcoin personal investment and trading videos. Phil Town is an Investment Advisor, Hedge Fund Manager, 2x New York Times Best-Selling Author of Rule #1 & Payback Time, and Ex-Grand Canyon River Rafting Guide. Rule #1 Investing is Warren Buffett style investing, teaching you how to buy businesses on sale, with little risk.

Learning the Indian stock market can be difficult, especially for those who are new to it. But, it can be made easy and simple by taking tips and advice through the best YouTube channels. Now you can easily understand the topics related to the stock market in a few minutes through short videos.

What is the best news source for day trading?

  • The Economist is a current affairs publication more reflective in style than up-to-the-second news feeds.
  • CNN focuses on news from the US markets.

All of them, however, are great recourses when starting in the world of investing. If you want to get involved in day trading stocks, then Warrior Trading YouTube channel might be the channel to watch for you. Started by Ross Cameron in 2013, the channel offers complete courses in day trading with on-demand educational courses and tools for day traders, as well as community support. Started on November 26th, 2015, Ricky Gutierrez is one of the biggest channels based on the US stock markets. Covers all about teaching beginners how to start investing in the stock market.

Financial Influencers Taking Over YouTube

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Which industry will boom in 2025?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to an International Data Corporation (IDC) report, India's AI industry is predicted to reach $7.8 billion by 2025, rising at a CAGR of 20.2%. By the end of 2025, the AI software category will have dominated the market, growing at a CAGR of 18.1% from $2.8 billion in 2020.

Like a New Year’s resolution, many investors can often give up on investing at the first sign of trouble, but there are ways to avoid this. Are you watching the playback of a YouTube video, and you want to slow down or speed it up to understand the video better? Here’s how to change YouTube playback speed to speed up or slow down. This Youtube channel is different because it aims for fun while educating the viewer.

Tune in for investing tips, future outlooks, and live streams with our exemplary analyst team as they look to guide and support you in your investing life. Patrick Wieland, the channel’s owner shares his own journey on the stock markets and provides some out of the box knowledge to break out from the usual norms of trading. Fidelity Investments is another big company in the stock market and financial industries.

Day Trading in the UK: How to Get Started

Sometimes, however, TFD has been accused of pushing content that is priveleged and disconnected with the masses, but ignore those — lots of gems in the channel. The Greatest thing in his videos that you can get his thoughts about the Indian stock market. You can also download AryaaMoney application app for more knowledge about the stock market. He has uploaded over 875+ videos on his channel and mostly videos about the basic fundamentals of the Indian stock market. I’d like to say it was because I saw the truth in Akemi’s words or I was motivated by a desire to take hold of my own destiny but really, like most of my life decisions, I was motivated by anger.

best youtube stock channels

If you want honesty, and plenty of insight into chart analysis, this is the one for you. You’re looking at daily content, and the depth of advice and detail really makes it worthwhile. There’s lot to take in here, but the presenters are intelligent and well-researched. We’ve taken the very best YouTube channels for trading out there and compiled a list for you of the most useful, and the easiest to get into. But if you’re looking for information about trading the market and finance, it can be a bit of a nightmare to navigate. Okay, I know I talk quite a bit about making the most of your time, but even I’m a victim of the YouTube death spiral on occasion.

Best Online Stock Brokers

Money Meets MedicineThe personal finance topics you wish you had learned in medical school. The Personal Capital app is one of the most robust personal money management apps on the market. And now, they offer a YouTube channel to help people manage money. Check out Vanguard on YouTube for a wealth of free content to supplement your long-term investing strategy. One of the top keys to building wealth is learning money-saving hacks and pocketing more cash. However, this takes some guidance—and one of the best places to learn is the BuzzFeed Nifty channel.

On the Groww channel, you can watch videos in many different languages. Grow has a very large team that gives you detailed information on cloud big data technologies llc the topics related to the stock market in easy language. Here you can also watch videos related to IPO like IPO size, IPO review, etc.

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Five playlists on the channel cover; cryptocurrency and blockchain, and financial markets and analysis, as well as three feature shows. These are the David Rubenstein show, Real Yield, and Brilliant Ideas. In this article, we outline the best forex trading YouTube channels to follow, for both novice and seasoned investors. It has never been easier to learn a new skill or improve an existing one through the internet. While some prefer reading and others prefer to watch videos, combining both can be an effective method in improving your understanding of a topic, like forex trading.

Additionally, you will learn how to edit audio in your video using downloaded software. Are you looking forward to knowing how to customize YouTube Shorts Thumbnails with Ease? Here is a detailed article talking about the best ways to optimize your YouTube shorts channel with the right tips. A compilation of the best magic tricks from YouTube video editors. Click here to learn how to do magic tricks like a pro in a few simple steps. Again, it depends on what you are looking for but, Youtube channels like Fidelity Investments are within the top ones.

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“You don’t need any expensive equipment to start and grow your YouTube channel,” says Zhou. I tend to gravitate towards people who have the same style of investing like me. And while I believe he does have sponsored content, it is not the entirety of his content. He gives fascinating and often challenging views about his chosen style of investing — index fund investing. He is proof that you can turn your life around in a massive way – he was a self-confessed slacker who had a light-bulb moment one day and realised that it was time to turn his life around.

In his self-titled YouTube channel, he shares his story, his successes, and everything he’s learned in his ten years of real estate investing. Though many of his videos seem to have a younger bent, his practical investing advice his applicable to investors of any age. While offers a host of educational resources, we want you to learn dividend investing in as many mediums as possible. As a result, we compiled a list of five dividend investing YouTube channels you should be watching to grow your investing knowledge and build your skill as a dividend investor. You can also invest in mutual funds and the stock market on Grow’s platform.