Featuring an astronaut flying high in the sky, Spaceman is a new online slot game from the creative team at Pragmatic Play. Unlike most online slots, Spaceman is based on a randomly generated game that rewards players with a top prize of 5,000x. The game also has a chat feature, general statistics, and a leaderboard. It’s available on PC and mobile devices.

The Spaceman slot is available in most online casinos. It features simple yet artistic graphics and artistic graphics, which are reminiscent of the space theme. It has an option to remove 3D graphics, if you prefer a more traditional look. It also features an animation free feature, which may be useful to players who are looking for a more streamlined gaming experience. spaceman slot

Spaceman also features a chat box. Players can communicate with other players and share comments. It also features a leaderboard and general statistics, which are similar to the way that live casinos are operated. The Spaceman slot also offers an auto cashout feature. This feature ensures that players are paid at the right moment. It can be set to auto cash out in 100 percent increments, or you can choose to manually cash out your winnings.

Spaceman also offers a handful of bonus features, the first of which is the most obvious. It is also the only bonus feature available in the game. It uses an increasing multiplier that grows with the length of the flight. The multiplier starts out at 1x, which increases as the flight progresses. As the multiplier grows, it can be up to a whopping 5,000x. The most impressive part is that the multiplier will only grow as long as the spaceman remains upright.

The Spaceman slot also features an Auto Cashout feature, which allows you to leave half of your bet in the game. This is a great option if you are looking for a simple game, but do not want to have to manually cash out your winnings. The game also allows you to play for as long as you like, and you can select a timer for how long you want the half bet to stay in the game. The Spaceman slot has a simple design and uses a few animations and winning sounds.

In addition to the cashout features, Spaceman also has a number of other features, including a leaderboard and a chat feature. It is also the only online slot to feature a meter on its screen. This meter shows the results of the previous 500 rounds.

The Spaceman slot machine is a bit more than a simple game, and requires a bit of skill and luck. The game is based on timing, and you have to be quick to cash out before the spaceman crashes. There are also no paylines or reels, and it uses a simple multiplier to keep track of your winnings. The Spaceman slot also has a countdown feature, which is useful if you are looking for the big win.