Managing Remote Teams As A Project Manager


СодержаниеTimelyAlley Uses A Tight Remote Work ToolkitStreamline The Onboarding Process#7: Manage A Hybrid TeamStanford OnlineUse Data To Support Effective Remote Team Management Meetings are necessary for keeping a remote team in sync, but they must be a good use of a person’s time—on point and purpose-driven. Finding the right balance is especially challenging when employees need social interaction. Effective remote team management doesn't just maximize your team's productivity. It also improves employee retention by providing remote workers with an environment where they can feel valued and do their best work. Make sure to respect the communication boundaries with your team, so [...]

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The Sec Regulation Of Cryptocurrencies & Initial Coin Offerings Icos


СодержаниеAdvantages And Disadvantages Of StoIco UpdatesSec Report Of Investigation On Coin Or Token OfferingsWhat Is An Ico Initial Coin Offering?Why Isnt Ether A Security?Types Of Security Tokens Providing an STO instead of an ICO can also add credibility to a token. After the crypto bubble burst in 2018, many investors were left with useless tokens. Market professionals, including securities lawyers, accountants and consultants, are encouraged to read closely the 21 investigative report the SEC released in 2017, concluding that a particular token was a security. Tokens are digital assets built on the blockchains of other cryptocurrencies. This sinks the already weak [...]

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How to Use Python Programming in Ubuntu Linux


СодержаниеLinux VPS HostingPython Numpy Tutorial – Arrays In PythonPython Programming with IDLEWhy is Ubuntu important for Python?Enable Media Player Controls in System Tray in Ubuntu [Quick Tip] Every user should know how and when to make a symlink. I think it would just be easier to copy and paste the command to create the symlink from here into their terminal and type their password 5 Step Proven Process How to Outsource Software Development and be done. To work around this issue, you can create a symlink or use alternatives to redirect the /usr/bin/python command to the version of Python installed on [...]

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