Front Office                            

As the name suggests, this is the face of a hotel as the guest enters. The facade is no less important than any other department -– it can make or mar the impression at the first opportunity. Prim and proper, and yet warm and friendly, the staff of the department makes a guest feel at home immediately upon his arrival. This department deals with selling of the rooms with reservations, advance bookings, walk-in guests, etc. Ensuring a steady and smooth turnover. This department also gives the organization its largest share of revenue.

Students are given hands-on training on all aspects of Accommodation management. Fidelio, the latest Property Management System that is followed almost all over the world has been installed to enable the students to keep pace with the changing patterns of property management. Spacious lecture halls with facilities for simulation have been created to ensure effective training.

The department is proud of its massive computer lab with individual work stations which facilitates individual attention while the students acquire the mastery in operating the Fidelio system.